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    Friction Free Shaving: PRE-SHAVE SCRUB (about, review & discount code)*

    If you’ve already heard, I’m a HUGE fan of Friction Free Shaving, and if you’re a committed reader of my blog then you definitely already know that. I’ve been using their razors for well over a year and a half now and rave about the brand at every given chance; when something or somebody deserves amazing feedback: YOU SHOULD GIVE IT. 

    So that’s why when the team behind the brand gave me some of their new products to try out before they were even announced, I kinda’ got a little bit excited. NEW PRODUCTS you say? Yep! I’ve been testing Friction Free Shaving’s two new additions to their already existing shave cream which now include a Pre-Shave Scrub and a Post Shave Balm but to give you the best idea of each product, each review is listed individually – that way you can get a feel for it, find out what I think and decide whether you want to give it a try too.

    P R E – S H A V E  S C R U B
    Friction Free Shaving’s first pre shave scrub is finally available and its packed with Manuka Honey, Almond Milk and Walnut Scrub – made to exfoliate your skin which attacks ingrown hairs and promote skin rejuvenation leaving you with incredibly soft skin. Not only is it amazing for your skin but it soothes, nourishes and prevents red (irritating) razor bumps.

    “Exfoliating the skin before shaving helps to remove dead skin cells and provide a smoother surface to shave on. Our walnut scrub is a gentle and all natural exfoliate made using the husk of walnuts. It helps to release ingrown hairs, reduce shaving spots, unblock pores and lift dead skin cells for smoother, clearer skin.”

    W H Y  S H O U L D  I  
    E X F O L I A T E  B E F O R E  S H A V I N G ?
    Since you’ve probably already figured out the PRE-SHAVE scrub is designed for you to use before shaving with your Friction Free Shaving Razor. Using a pre-shave scrub/exfoliator allows you to get the closest shave possible as exfoliating before shaving removes the dead layer of skin cells; allowing your razor to reach your skin and remove all those hairs. I don’t suggest using an exfoliator after shaving due to your freshly shaved skin being more sensitive, using a product like this after would cause irritation and redness which you definitely don’t want. FFS have created a 3-step process using the pre-shave scrub first, the shave cream second (then shaving) and finishing off your shave routine with their brand new post shave balm.

    But exfoliating every time I shower seems like SUCH hard work!” – we all initially thought the same didn’t we? This handy little tube sits in your bathroom and becomes part of your shower routine, once you’re using it regularly you won’t even realise you are doing it; making it easier than ever to take care of your skin.

    Manuka honey comes with all kinds of health benefits that you wouldn’t believe.. so firstly, lets talk about one of Friction Free Shaving Pre-Shave Scrub’s main ingredients and all of the amazing things it can do for you.

    Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, Manuka honey can heal acne and acne prone skin. It reduces redness and heals congested and inflamed skin, even eczema too! In a shave cream its a fantastic additive as a lot of people can suffer from redness and inflamed skin all over their body no matter what tools they’re using; so using a product like this can aid the skin in repairing itself which brings us onto the next benefit. Repairing the skin. Manuka promotes skin regeneration (helping you repair damage and lessen scarring)… once again, easily assisting you through the process of shaving your body. Along side doing all this and onto yet another benefit: it hydrates the skin by holding in moisture when its applied to your body leaving it dewy, glowing and looking healthy.

    Other than drinking it, I never realised how many amazing health and skin benefits almond milk can bring to the table. The following benefits speak for themselves.
    Almond milk is good for dry skin, not only in a product but applying pure almond milk to your skin keeps it hydrated and assists in replenishing lost moisture, which brings me onto protecting your skin. Since it rejuvenates skin so well it can protect your skin incredibly well even from sun damage, which yes – even if you’re in sunny (haaaaa) England, you should still be protecting your skin against the sun which the Vitamin E in Almond Milk does whilst also healing your skin by renewing skin cells by deeply nourishing it and keeping them supple.

    Using products with ingredients that contain Almond Milk in mean that it will sooth sensitive skin, if you have it, as scrubs and exfoliators can sometimes be quite tough, having those added ingredients that prevent your skin from becoming irritated whilst soothing and healing is a HUGE bonus. Last thing? IT’S ANTI-AGING. Say whaaaat. We take care of our face by using anti-aging products so why not the rest of our body? Our skin all over deserves as much love as our face gets and Almond Milk is rich in a number of powerful antioxidant’s that protect your skin. Since you’re scrubbing away the dead skin cells, using a product that aims to protect your new skin so well is something that should be at the top of your to-do list and this is exactly what the Pre-Shave Scrub does.

    Like the ingredients above, walnut is extremely beneficial for the skin for many similar reasons that it nourishes: keeping our legs looking healthy and glowing. Walnut is quite a big grain so its extremely important to be gentle whilst using this to prevent irritating your skin. If this is used correctly, the results of the scrub will prove to you how fantastic all of these ingredients work together to create the finished Pre-Shave Scrub product.

    M Y  T H O U G H T S
    Firstly, to use this product I’ve been using it in the shower before shaving but making sure I’ve already been stood under the water for a few minutes first before use. I’ve been taking a small amount of product into my hands and gently rubbing it over my legs and underarms by using small circular motions. Like mentioned above, you need to ensure that you aren’t too aggressive whilst using this since walnut is a big grain and you don’t want to damage your skin.

    After a few seconds the scrub starts to foam slightly, almost making it similar to a shower gel. If you’re in a rush or want a combination of scrub and shower gel then this is the one for you. I really like that the scrub foams up as its unlike any of the other ones I’ve previously used. The handy tube also means that its much user-friendly whilst in the shower. I’m not being funny or anything, but brands that put scrubs/exfoliators in a screw tub that you tend to try and open with wet hands whilst in the shower DO NOT GET SHOWER ROUTINES. (Do you feel my passion?) It’s so easy to pick this up and squeeze what you need out before applying it to your body and I LOVE THAT. Who needs faffy things these days, not me!

    I obviously know what its like to have a shaving routine where I don’t use an exfoliator, because before using FFS’s pre-shave scrub, I probably exfoliated once a month; if that – this has now changed since I exfoliate with FFS’s 1-2 times a week suggestion. The handy tube sitting in my bathroom is a big factor to this and mostly because I just love how soft it makes my legs feel. I’m in a routine now where I don’t think twice about exfoliating or it being a big job because it’s really not. I use this twice a week, usually on a Thursday night pamper routine ready for the weekend ahead of me and then early on in the week. The scrub has made a huge difference in how smooth my legs feel at the end of having a shower – I’ve definitely noticed the closer shave and its increased how well the razor works too, which if I’m honest I didn’t think could happen since its already SO GOOD.

    The scrub contains the same scent as the rest of Friction Free Shavings products (shave cream and the shave balm) to compliment one another and has natural and moisturising ingredients for all of those added benefits. It’s suggested that you use this on your legs and underarms only (no bikini lines girls).

    I’m finally taking care of my skin in a routine I never thought I’d stick to. We all get into something and eventually drift away (a bit like me and my skincare routine) but having such an easy shower routine with products I’m absolutely in love with is a dream. Nothing is hard work when you enjoy it.

    You can purchase the Pre-Shave Scrub for an extra £6.00 by adding it to your subscription with FFS.

    If you’d like to subscribe to Friction Free Shaving but you want to learn more you can read my previous blog post here: Friction Free Shaving: ROSE – the razor subscription box YOU NEED!*.You can also get 25% discount off your first order by visiting FFS site here and entering CODE: CJ7UED OR visit my refferal link by clicking here.

    If you’re already subscribed but would like to try this pre-shave scrub, you can log into your account and amend your subscription by adding the cream in there.

    I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *Please note, for a full list of ingredients check out Friction Free Shaving’s website and contact them if you have any questions. This blog post is sponsored and contains PR samples & I receive a small amount of money every time you use my discount code, however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.