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    Since Halloween and Bonfire night has now passed its just about ‘ok‘ to dive deep into Christmas mode, right? I mean, if you’ve been here a while then you’ll already know that we kinda’ went there in September anyway. Alicia and I visited Zoe’s Winter Wonderland which showcased all of her fantastic new festive launches before they hit stores in preparation for Christmas. If you want to read that post you can click here or watch my vlog here.

    Whilst we were there, we were both extremely lucky enough to have received a goodie bag filled with some of Zoe’s new products. In there, amongst a handful of other items was the Snowella Pom Pom Perfume Body Mist. Previously, I’ve enjoyed all of Zoe’s launches… Somehow she hits the nail on the head perfectly ON BEAUTY PRODUCTS every single time she releases a new scent. I wrote in my post about the Jelly & Gelato range how I did like the scent in all of the products but the perfume itself wasn’t 100% my type to wear as it was stronger than the others. I do however spray it all over my beauty room to keep it smelling lovely BUT, this time; she knocked all of those other scents off the shelf. I’m in love with the Snowella scent and I think you might be too.

    T H E  B O T T L E
    Lets be honest, you’ve probably already seen this somewhere. Whether it be online, in store or just on your friend’s Instagram. I actually prefer this style of this bottle over all of my high-end perfumes, that much that I have it proudly sitting on top of my makeup drawers for everybody to see.

    This bottle in particular is a limited edition, 100ml size which makes it much larger than the others. Zoe’s perfumes usually come in at 45ml, giving us more than double the scent in this than usual. It’s made with glass, decorated bright and sleek in white and gold with a large pompom attached to the neck by a little string like a bobble. A lot of people have said this gets on their nerves and in the way but for me its not been any bother at all. It’s the perfect size bottle and contains more than enough scent to keep me going for quite some time… If you ask me, I’d prefer if they were all this size.

    T H E  S C E N T
    Okay, so the scent… scents are something I’m VERY particular with. If I’ve not tried it before I would rather not risk the chance of not liking it and just not buy it at all… but this scent has 100% won me over. I can’t pin-point exactly why, but I feel like this has become my “ME” scent. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve never done a post solely on fragrance before and thats because when it comes to smelling, I play safe. I re-buy perfumes I know I like and never dive into new deodorant scents either. Funny, because most people love being gifted perfume, me? Not really. Not unless you know what I like.

    Since we got to smell this “body mist” at the Winter Wonderland event it was a good opportunity to have a taster (not literally), whether we liked it or not and after a dreamy hand massage by one of the lovely girls there both Alicia and I couldn’t stop commenting how good we smelt. All of the products in this collection have the same Snowella scent, some may be slightly stronger or weaker due to the product type but you get the idea. When we opened our goodie bags to reveal the 100ml Snow’ella fragrance I did a little dance.

    The scent is describe by Zoe in her video as softening peony, refreshing mint and pink pepper brought together to create a calm and bright fragrance. She also said how she didn’t want it to be solely a Christmas scent, but one that could be worn all year round once Christmas had ended.

    W H A T  D O  I  T H I N K  ?
    It’s obviously good, else I wouldn’t be writing this; BUT, I LOVE THIS SCENT. I love the bottle, the smell, the person behind it and better yet, the price. Stay with me.

    The scent is definitely one you can wear all year round just as Zoe describes, its extremely refreshing and in whole feels like a bright, happy, perfume. I’ve been reaching for this over my normal, everyday high end ones as its just such an easy one to wear. I keep this on top of my makeup drawers and quickly grab it before leaving the house and drown myself in it every time because I love it so much.

    It’s not the strongest perfume, like ones you’d get in other stores but thats because on the SuperDrug website it is advertised as a body mist which is exactly what I would say it is too. It gives off enough scent to make you smell lovely whilst not making you come off as though you’ve sprayed way too much (this happens to me more often than you think, ha!). It lasts all day long and I’ve had so many compliments whilst wearing this, way more than what I’d get wearing my other perfumes.

    I basically want this to be the scent to my whole life, you know when somebody has a soundtrack? This is my scent. I’ve already asked everybody I know to get me as many bottles of this for Christmas so I can STOCK UP. Ain’t no way I’m not wearing this Snow’ella perfume once Christmas is over.

    I literally have nothing negative to say about this perfume, the bottle its housed in and how it works. It’s perfect for me and if you’re in SuperDrug you should just go and spray the tester of this and see (smell) for yourself. The best thing yet, it only costs £10.00 for this huge bottle! GIVE ME 100 PLEASE. You can pick it up in store at SuperDrug or online here.

    I’d love to know what your go-to scent is right now in the comments below.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.