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    Zoeva is a brand of makeup brushes that I’ve been using for quite some time, not that I own a bunch – I do now, but before I only owned 3, one of which I have owned 4 times as I’ve always repurchased it because it gets that much love. I’ll go into that more later on; but for my 21st birthday, I received the complete eye brush set as a gift.

    Since I’m really happy with the face tools that I use right now, the complete eye brush set came in at perfect timing. I’ve experimented with plenty of different brands, including a few sets from eBay before in the past but nothing compares to how luxurious the Zoeva eye brushes are.


    The set includes 12 must have eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes, “expertly crafted with natural and synthetic bristles, designed to apply, shade and blend shadow seamlessly.” – this statement made by Zoeva could not be more real than it is. These brushes claim to be 100% cruelty free, and although they are not completely vegan friendly they do still offer a wide range of vegan products throughout the brand. If you’d like to find out more about Zoeva as a brand you can click here.

    With the following brushes included in the set you can create any kind of look, whether it be a simple, editorial, or glamorous eye makeup look. They’re perfectly made and so comfortable to use. These aren’t made for a specific person to use, whether you’re experienced in makeup as a professional, just starting out or simply a makeup obsessed girl at home like me – you can use them. The following all include a brief description taken from BeautyBay’s website for those interested, but for those that aren’t; you can skip the next part to read my thoughts and opinions.

    A professional makeup brush which offers feather-like blending for eye shadow. Beautifully handcrafted with a blend of Synthetic and Natural bristles, Luxe Defined Crease Brush is ideal for use with pressed and loose powder eye shadow. The feathery bristles allow for optimal product distribution for seamless and detailed blending.

    Perfect for use with eye shadow powders and kohl eyeliner, Smudger Brush applies, shades and blends eye colour along the lash line. The professional, short Vegan Synthetic bristles provide maximum cover control and is an absolute must for truly professional looking seductive cat eyes and smoky effects. 

    A super soft eye shadow brush which smoothes and defines your eye colour. The perfect tool for creating smooth transitions between eye shadows, Soft Definer Brush is perfect for pressed powder and loose pigment eye shadows. The flat, oval head is beautifully handcrafted with Natural Goat Hair bristles and is ideal for blending eye shadow in the crease of the eye.

    A multi-tasking eye shadow brush which blends and shades eye makeup in the crease of the eye. Crease Brush is an essential makeup brush for professional crease definition and a perfect eye contour. Crease Brush has a unique fluffy design which fits into the contours of the eyelid crease and takes the edge off colour.

    The key to sexy smoky eyes, Pencil Brush offers professional application in the crease of the eye and along the lash line. Shaped like a pencil, Pencil Brush works to emphasise every corner of the eye area and is the ideal tool for precise shading, covering up and smoothing edges in the eyelid. Pencil Brush has a unique triangular shape and is handcrafted with compact Natural Pony Hair bristles which absorb excess colour.

    A tapered eye shadow brush which accentuates the crease of the eyes, Petit Crease Brush creates exceptional crease definition and a perfect eye contour. Perfect for blending shade transitions to eliminate contrasting edges, Petit Crease Brush has an innovative tapered head expertly crafted with incredibly soft, Natural Goat Hair bristles which will create an even and flawless colour finish.

    The ultimate eye shadow brush for creating professional smoky effects. The perfect brush for a mystic, smoky eye look, Smoky Shader Brush is a soft and gentle eye brush for effortless application of eye shadow on the upper and lower lid. Beautifully dense but supremely soft, Smoky Shader Brush has been handcrafted with Natural Goat Hair bristles for seamless shading.

    A small and dense eye shadow brush which is perfect for detailed eye makeup work. Detail Shader Brush is an excellent choice for working eye shadow into the inner corners of the eyes and to set special highlights to your eye makeup. Expertly crafted with soft, Natural Goat Hair bristles, Detail Shader Brush has a dense, domed shape which adapts perfectly to the natural shape of the eye.

    An extremely fine eyeliner brush which is perfect for precise application of cream, gel and liquid based eyeliners. Achieve classic and ladylike eye definition with this professional eyeliner brush. Boasting a fine point and exquisitely fine Nylon bristles, Fine Liner Brush is an indispensable tool for a classic, subtle look. Vegan friendly, Fine Liner Brush ideal for achieving classic definition with an array of eyeliner products.

    A broad, angled eyeliner brush which is perfect for creating professional winged eyeliner looks. Beautifully handcrafted with fine Vegan friendly Nylon bristles, Wing Liner Brush is the ultimate tool for achieving expressive statement lid lines. Featuring an exquisite angled head which easily adapts to your natural lash line, Wing Liner Brush offers easy and flawless application of gel, cream, liquid and powder eyeliners.

    A short, angled brush which makes application of brow colour and powder a breeze. Suitable for all cream and powder eyebrow cosmetics, Brow Line Brush is a wide, short and slightly angled makeup brush which is beautifully crafted with Vegan friendly Taklon bristles. The angled shape will help you to create the perfect arch with either creamy or powder products.

    Beautifully soft and caring for the delicate eye area, Concealer and Buffer Brush offers great coverage to conceal dark circles and discolouration around the eyes with cream, liquid or powder concealers. The roundly bound, Vegan Taklon bristles fit perfectly around the eyes and into every small corner of the face for effortless application.

    This set is an absolute dream to work with, as somebody who’s not a professional nor am I somebody that really knows what I’m doing; I just go with it, this set helps me achieve exactly what I dream of creating in my mind. It’s ok owning high end palettes that are made of top quality ingredients and are full of pigmentation, but if you aren’t using the correct brushes you may not be getting the best out of what your truly capable of achieving..

    The Zoeva eye brush set comes with the prefect amount of brushes without it being all too overwhelming and you end up picking up a brush you definitely didn’t need to even use. They’re all made with care and its easy to see that they are made to a high standard, an investment for sure since they’ll last me a long time. They are soft on my skin and are not irritating whatsoever like some of the brushes I’ve picked up in the past (I find this is more a regular occurrence with the cheap eBay brushes). I definitely regret not getting these sooner, WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE? If you’re spending your money on cheap brush sets from eBay, don’t. Save your money for a little while and treat yourself to some brushes that are going to last much longer and work a lot better than those.

    The brush set comes in at £60.00 but divided by the amount you get, 12… works out at £6.00 per brush which I find amazing! If you aren’t interested in every single brush you can individually purchase them slightly more expensive than what they work out in the set – but it gets you going.

    Not to be forgotten, the set also comes with a mini travel pouch perfect for taking your brushes on the go with you without damaging them. It’s a “sophisticated” black clutch with Zoeva in silver hardware on the exterior whilst it has a bright pink interior. CUTE!

    Along with my Morphe brushes, this Zoeva set has become an absolute must in my collection and a large part of my every day makeup application.

    You can buy the brushes by clicking the icons below or clicking here.


    Do you own any Zoeva products? I would love to know!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

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