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    Mask-A-‘Peel’ Complexion Clearing Rubberising Mask | £20
    If you spend way too much time on YouTube just like I do, you’ve probably seen the testing videos that were circling around this summer trying out a face mask that turns into rubber, yep… rubber. It’s something I never jumped on the bandwagon with (WILL POWER GIRLLLL) but after receiving an M&S voucher and spending fifteen minutes dragging my friend up and down the same aisle in the beauty department deciding what to spend it on I narrowed it down to the Bliss Mask-A-Peel Complexion Clearing Rubberising Mask. At £20.00 for three uses of this face mask it does come in quite pricey and I knew I wouldn’t spend my own money on it to begin with so I took the opportunity whilst I had the gift voucher.

    Bliss is a brand that I’ve never heard of or used before picking up this mask but from what I’ve gathered, they’re a spa brand that say: “Since not everyone can get to our spa, we use our expertise and state-of-the-art
    technology to develop powerful yet delightful products so you can capture those
    wonderful, transformational beauty and well-being spa benefits at home.

    Bliss describe the mask-a-‘peel’ complexion clearing rubberising mask as the ‘only spa-powered rubberising peel-off mask with tea tree oil, willow tree and menthol extracts.‘ It aims to ‘hug‘ every part of your face to clear clogged pores and absorb excess oil whilst also ‘depositing key ingredients into your skin to nourish, refresh and clean leaving it clear, shine-free and evenly toned.

    The interest in this mask mostly comes from it turning into “rubber” and since peel off masks are some of the most sought after face masks right now, it kinda’ makes sense why people are excited to try this out too. Well, thats if you’re anything like me and feel like you need to get your mitts on every cool thing around.

    What’s really fascinating about this face mask is that in each box comes three small pots (14g each), similar to a pot of yoghurt (ha) except, instead of it being your favourite muller light when you peel back the foil, its a blue powder. YEP, POWDER. Not only do you get to have a pamper night using something really exciting, you get to experience creating the product (in a way) too. I love being hands on and doing something other than cracking open a tub of product and applying it to the skin, so using this mask is not only a great skin treatment but an experience as whole.

    Anyway, getting serious, the mask claims to have multiple benefits which are all down to the key ingredients: the tea tree oil helps the clogging of pores and prevents future breakouts, whilst the willow tree extract helps fade blemishes whilst reducing oil and finally the menthol extract, leaves skin feeling refreshed, supple and soothed. It also says that after use your skin will be instantly cleaner, clearer and toned, and your pores purged which visibly appear smaller. This mask really does claim to do so much for you, since it also makes skin appear shine free whilst remaining hydrated and nourished, soothes inflamed areas and reduces the appearance of blemish redness. For those wondering, this mask is fragrance and paraben free, dermatologically tested and is suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans.

    *AND BREATHE* Wow, this really is the mother of all masks. Who needs anything else when it does so much all in one? That’s if it works anyway. Just for reference, this mask is made with the intention of it being used on those with oily skin types, and that’s just what my skin is; so let’s find out if it really works.

    Compulsory and pretty self-explanatory, clean and dry your face to begin with.
    Slowly pour cool water into the cup up to the designated line printed on the edge. DO NOT over fill. Be careful and go slowly doing this so you don’t spoil it.
    Stir quickly, mix the mask thoroughly using the provided spatula for around 30-40 seconds until the product is a completely smooth paste.
    Work with it quickly by applying a thick, even layer of paste onto your face, again using the spatula. Do the usual and avoid your eyes – leave it sitting on your face for around 15 minutes. You can use this time to clean the spatula for your next use.
    Once 15 minutes is up, or you feel like its completely dry; gently peel the mask off from your face. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. It’s extremely soft on the skin and it doesn’t even feel like you’re removing anything.
    DO NOT put this mask down the drain once you’ve finished.

    Okay, so I don’t really know what to tell you first; so lets try from the beginning.
    Like I said above, I picked this out after spotting it in a local M&S beauty department which took me by complete surprise as I had no idea it was stocked in there so thats super handy to know for future reference. I’m always intrigued to try out “different” products that aren’t like the ‘norm’ and using this is definitely an experience. I’ll firstly start with how I do really enjoy the concept of it arriving in a small tub, in powder form and you are the one that adds the water to turn into a paste before applying it to your face where it magically dries into rubber.

    The instructions are really easy to follow and its not hard to go wrong with it at all, thats coming from somebody like me – that does everything wrong the first time. It takes a lot of attention so do this when you have some time, it also dries quicker on the skin than you’d think with applying a VERY thick layer of product so don’t worry about being careful with how much you apply. It’s really like magic. A normal face mask with this amount of product on the skin would never dry as quickly as this does, and its so much thicker than anything I’ve ever tried. Now I’ve told you that its a super fun experience, I should tell you whether it actually worked shouldn’t I?

    The most important thing for me is that this mask is not harsh on the skin AT ALL and didn’t irritate it whatsoever. It’s super gentle, soothing and left my skin feeling extremely refreshed after removing it. I also mentioned above how this mask isn’t scary, it doesn’t tug or pull at your face and hairs when you remove it from your skin since the rubber doesn’t stick to your small facial hairs the way typical peel off masks do. This is a whole different mask to any other.

    To begin with I found it hard to grasp how it would work if it didn’t actually peel anything away from the skin like charcoal masks do but like all of the ‘aims’ above, it did exactly that.

    The first time using this mask my skin was already in a pretty good place but it made it feel much more cleaner, smoother and visibly brighter. The second time using this, I had a breakout on my chin with some nasty, angry under the skin red spots. I didn’t notice a difference immediately but less than 24 hours after using it, my angry spots were much more soothed. They felt 50% less painful (which, OMG – If I knew I would have these results a week ago I would have reached for this so much sooner). It could be a coincidence, or it could be this mask. I’ll let you decide. Lastly, oil. I struggle with oily skin all of the time but since using this mask less than a week ago whilst writing this post I can honestly tell you that my oil hasn’t been under control like this for such a long time. I went 11 hours wearing makeup without touching it up with powder ONCE. Not once. Pinch me.

    This has definitely been a long post so hopefully y’all made it to the end. If you did, take a swag of that cuppa I always tell you to grab when you read my posts. I really enjoyed this mask, I initially picked it up using a voucher as I wasn’t sure whether I’d really spend £20 of my own money on this but now I’ve tried it out I definitely agree that its worth the splurge to use every now and again – it would also make a fantastic Christmas/Birthday present for that somebody you have no idea what to buy for. The 3 pots work out less than £7 a treatment which is far less than a real spa treatment.

    If you’re interested in buying this product it can be picked up in selected M&S stores or online here for £20.00.

    I hope you LOVED my very in-depth, long review. I’d love to know what you think to the rubber face mask and whether its something you’d like to try.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx


    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.