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    ColourPop is an American online cosmetic brand which I’m sure you’ve all heard of by now. They’re most famous for their liquid lipsticks (which if you’re ever looking for ANY kind of lipstick shade then ColourPop is the place to be) but they do also make highlighters, concealers, brow products and even eyeshadows. With a mix of individual shadow pans and more recently a lot more of their own eyeshadow palettes they’ve quickly become one of my favourite, affordable brands. Although I don’t have a huge collection of ColourPop, I do have a handful of firm favourites. Temptation kicked in to place more orders from them once they launched international shipping to the UK and since then they’ve introduced free shipping over $50 too. (Dangerous) Don’t be fooled though as you will hit customs once your package arrives in the UK.

    Now we’ve touched on the whole international shipping and custom fees before you rush over to place an order… We can get into the actual post. A few months ago ColourPop launched ‘Yes, Please!‘ which is a limited edition, 12 pan palette full of beautiful shades ‘all about that golden hour glow‘. I don’t need to go too much into the shade selection since you can see them for yourself in the images; but it contains a mix of warm neutrals, mattes and shimmers and is totally my thing. These are the kinda’ shades I’m reaching for on a daily basis already so technically this could become my holy grail if CP has played their cards right.

    To begin with, this palette was really tough to get my hands on since it sold out every time it was re-stocked within minutes which gave me high hopes when it comes to the quality and wear of the palette itself but I FINALLY managed to get my hands on it after a few months of it initially launching and I’ve since been trying it out to let you know how I feel about it.

    I’ve never had a palette with a yellow shade in so I was even more excited to experiment with it and boy let me tell you… this palette being described as the golden hour is a perfect statement since every time I reach for this I tend to go for a sunset inspired look with the yellow and orange shades in the crease and the golden shimmers on the rest of the lid. I’m loving this palette in Autumn/Winter but I KNOW this is going to get so much more use out of it in Summer.

    This palette is by far one of my “low-end” favourites in my whole makeup collection, its affordable, its high quality and it has BEAUTIFUL shades. It’s hands-down the most beautiful thing, ever. Of course I had high hopes since it was selling out so quickly, but I also didn’t want to be let down if it wasn’t as good due to the low-price but if you used this palette without the branding all over it and was asked later on to guess where you think it has come from, you would say any high end brand BUT ColourPop. ColourPop helping us girls and boys with the cheap, amazing quality makeup errryday.

    The shades are all incredibly pigmented which shines through on the swatch photos below and work just as well when used with any brush on your eyes. Theres no fun and games if your shadow swatches well on your arm but doesn’t carry with the brushes but ColourPop have got us sorted. I use barely any product and still get complete colour pay off with no fading after an hour or so. The palette itself isn’t huge but its big enough to get plenty of product and is a handy size to take away with you if you’re travelling or simply doing your makeup on the go. Unlike some palettes that don’t name their shades, ColourPop have printed the names on the back of the palette so if you’re desperate to know what the name is for each individual shade, all you have to do is flip it over.

    I’m yet to pick up any more of the ColourPop palettes but they’ve since released some real winner’s that I can’t wait to get my hands on, so I’ll definitely be sharing those when it comes to it too.

    The swatches below are in order from left to right although I apologise that whilst posting this I realised I missed the third shade from the top line (boohoo!)

    Right now, you can only purchase this palette from ColourPop direct in the US HERE (but they do ship to the UK currently for free on orders over $50 but be prepared for a customs charge).

    Have you tried anything from ColourPop? I’d love to know!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx