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    The icing on the cake they say… That’s how I feel about this Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray, it really is the icing on the cake when it comes to finishing my makeup and the phrase describes its perfectly. If you’ve finally come out of that *sprays hairspray on my face to make my makeup last longer* phrase (which also doesn’t work, it only sticks to the baby hairs) and you’re looking for a really decent finishing spray, I would HIGHLY recommend this one; so as always, stick with me.

    I was mostly attracted to the GC Setting Spray by the ‘Slay All Day’ name, because ya’ girl wants to slay all day. For real though, what is the point spending an hour getting ready, doing your makeup, carefully highlighting and applying your lipstick for it to all slide off after a short while. A setting spray, more specific – this setting spray is designed to naturally mattify your skin, promoting a natural finish that prevents your makeup from looking cakey whilst prolonging it all day long. Basically, this setting spray finishes off your makeup and makes everything look ‘good‘ so you have one less thing to worry about during your day.

    The Gerard Cosmetics setting spray comes in a selection of fragrances (11 to choose from) but I decided to go for the coconut (simply described as ‘a tropical scent’ by GC) since its one of my favourite scents in anything skincare related, maybe its because it always reminds me of being on holiday. Although I wouldn’t say it smells like the typical coconut scent you imagine when it comes to that; it does smell lovely and I look forward to spraying it on my face (has anybody ever said those words out loud?)

    I was one of those 15 year old girls growing up, getting into makeup and wanting it to stay on from start to finish of the Friday night ice skating sesh with my ‘pals‘… Reaching for the hair spray and giving it a quick once over my face with my eyes shut always convinced me it would make my makeup last forever, but it didn’t. Oh how can you be so silly? Hair spray is designed for your hair and thats where it should stay. Anyway, as I grew up a little bit more and got more and more into makeup (after finally ditching the hair spray “technique”) I found out that makeup setting sprays existed. It did take me quite a long time to get on the hype as I just did without, but when I finally did it took me a few brands to finally find one I LOVED… Until, I found GC. (Sadly GC doesn’t stand for Gemma Collins)

    I was a little bit reluctant to try out the GC Setting Spray to begin with at £16.50 a go, if it didn’t work then its quite a few pennies to throw down the drain for a facial spray – but when my birthday came around and my parents asked me to place a beauty bay order for myself on their behalf (dangerous) I bit the bullet. That’s the first hint at how long this has lasted me, its been six months since my birthday, and its still going strong.

    There isn’t a lot to say about a setting spray and how I use it but once I’ve finished applying my makeup (and heavily using the baking method in my under eye, t-zone and chin areas) but before applying my lipstick, I close my eyes and spritz around 3-4 sprays of this on my face and either allow it to dry naturally or use something like a fan, usually the closest flat item I can waft over to speed it up. Before applying the setting spray my skin usually looks really dull due to the baking but the setting spray brings my skin back to life by giving it that glowy finished whilst keeping it mattified all day long too. Now, I don’t wear this spray every time I wear my makeup since I don’t usually have it on for long periods at a time as I wear zero makeup for work and never have plans longer than 3 hours at a time during the week after work to feel like I need to set but I HAVE gone without this spray on those longer days that I rock (or at least I think I do) a full face of makeup and have noticed a very big difference in the finish of my makeup and also how long it lasts. The spray keeps my finished look in place ALL day long and I’ve had no finish like I do with this than I have with any other finishing sprays, all thanks to GC Slay All Day.

    Like I mentioned above, I do have oily skin so bake using a translucent powder but the spray allows me to bake as normal and then take away that heavily powdered look (which can sometimes look cakey if I’m not careful) by giving me a natural, oil-free face all day long. My oily skin is controlled 90% better than it is on a normal day and my makeup looks the way it does when I first applied it even hours into wearing it. Winner winner.

    Since you only need to use such little product at a time this bottle lasts FOREVER; I can’t speak for those wearing makeup daily but for me using this 1-2 times a week has lasted me a LONG time already. I’m looking forward to trying out the other scents once I finish using this one too.

    A setting spray like this is something I never thought I actually needed until I had it in my life, so if you’re considering a new one and you’re a little bit worried about spending money on something you don’t know will work or not – trust me and my opinion and choose this. I don’t think I’ll ever find a better setting spray!

    You can pick up the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray for £16.50 on BEAUTYBAY here.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx