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    I’ve been telling myself for years now that it’s time to “up my hair care routine“, I buy a bunch of products, use them once or twice then get out of the routine and start all over again; which is surprising since nearly all of my friends and family come to me first when they’re after hair care advice. I have a head full of hair, way past my bottom and you’d think that would be enough of a kick to find something to take care of it but it isn’t… until, Lee Stafford reached out and sent me some of their CoCo LoCo range and let me tell you this: HAIR CARE GAME = CHANGED.

    The CoCo LoCo collection has been a huge success since it first launched and one of those products within it is the HAiR OiL, packed with coconuts its a “simple yet super effective haircare product that solves all of your worst hair nightmares.” EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. I’ll take ten. For real though, I’ve spoke about how good coconut is for our health previously and having a haircare product packed with it only gives you high hopes, right?

    The CoCo LoCo HAiR OiL comes in a 75ml bottle costing £7.99 and is described as a fine oil that can be used on wet or dry hair. All it takes is a couple of pumps but it can also be used as a ‘super-hydrating, dreamy‘ overnight treatment by working a few pumps into the mid-lengths and ends of your hair… Come morning you can wash it off or, re-style and go (since its supposed to be so fine and hydrating).

    ME & MY HAIR
    A little bit of background: My current hair care routine consists of washing my hair every 5-7 days (dependant of what I’m doing), whilst using little to NO heat by allowing it to air-dry and wearing my natural hair without hot tool styling since it naturally dries fairly straight on a daily basis. I used to have really oily hair but since allowing myself to get into a routine where I sometimes don’t wash my hair for up to a week my hair really doesn’t suffer badly with “grease” anymore. Saying all this, it could just do with that extra ‘oomph‘ so the hair oil came in at the perfect time.

    Wow. Can I leave it at that? I LOVE this hair oil. I only ever write about products I genuinely like but THIS hair oil sweeps off all of the other hair oils I’ve bought and shoved at the back of my hair care drawer. Since using this I’ve been in a weekly routine of applying it to my wet hair and then my dry hair by rubbing 2-3 pumps into my hands and brushing it through the ends. THIS IS LIKE MAGIC. I’m pretty sure this oil has worked a miracle on my dry-boring hair.

    I didn’t think my hair was damaged before using this oil, it probably wasn’t since I do take care of it by not using heat or vigorously tie it up in buns and whatnot daily but whatever my hair was before its definitely improved by a million percent. It’s now much easier to brush my fingers through my dry hair and it swishes around like I’ve just walked out of a salon (something I also don’t do very often) – that saying, the oil doesn’t weigh down my hair like other products I’ve tried in the past do. My hair looks and feels visibly shinier, healthier and all round BEAUTIFUL. It’s restored something I didn’t know needed restoring and this hair oil ALONE has boosted my confidence when it comes to my own hair, something I already take a lot of pride in.

    I’m yet to use the oil as an overnight treatment but its definitely something I’d try out and do a separate review on since its totally different to anything I’ve ever done… Maybe I should figure out how to make sure the oil doesn’t go all over my white bed sheets first (oops).

    I would recommend this to anybody looking for a high-street, affordable hair oil. It would also make a fab gift to somebody too… I washed my hair last week forgetting to use this oil afterwards and I could tell the difference in how my hair sat for the next few days so much that I had to wash it sooner than I usually do so I could work it into my routine again. My hair doesn’t feel or look greasy, instead it looks shiny and the healthiest its ever been as an adult; that frizz I had before has been smoothed down with the simple routine of adding a few pumps of product few my hair and the best thing about this oil is that it works alone without needing to use 10 other products along side it to achieve this look. THANK YOU Lee Stafford for creating such an amazing oil.

    If you’d like to try out this product for yourself its exclusively available at Boots (in store and online).

    Lee Stafford is such a popular brand so I would LOVE to know if you’ve tried anything else from them too… I’m up for trying more!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    P.s – If you noticed the other CoCo LoCo products in the photo above, then be assured: another review is coming very soon!