December has arrived once again and if you listen very quietly you can just about hear the rest of England whispering under their breath “how is it December already?“, I hear ya’ and I’m totally nodding my head too.

Although this year has absolutely flown by I’m SO happy that its finally OK to listen to Christmas songs at work and step out of the house in a Christmas jumper whatever day it is… Not that I’ve already been doing this for around a month already. As most of you all know, today is the 1st of December and also the first day of #Blogmas so be totally prepared for daily posts from yours truly. It’s also my biggest fans birthday, my mum. I love ya’ momma – happy birthday.

Since most of you are probably putting up your Christmas decorations as we speak, I thought that it was only fair that the first post of December and #Blogmas was all about our home and how we’ve got in the Christmas spirit with the decor… and if you didn’t already guess from the countless Instagram stories; We’ve had ours up since last Saturday.

We spent the evening building and dressing our tree in our brand new Christmas jumpers from Peacocks, whilst watching Jingle All The Way in the background (I’d be lying if I told you I’ve NOT been watching this all year, its a classic woooops). Talkin’ about Peacocks, they have some FANTASTIC Christmas jumpers this year. We were both very kindly sent one and I’ve already been showing it off at every given chance… *YAY* for Christmas!

Our Christmas tree has come out for its second year which means its been a whole year since we purchased our first ever tree for our first home, crazy how time flies! It kinda hit me this year that we’re really adulting now, pulling out all the storage from the garage loft that contains our festive decorations felt like an accomplishment. We knew that when we invested in all of our decorations last year we would be re-using it for years to come anyway but its kinda’ a sweet moment when it comes to actually doing it. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve already experienced what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the details. We picked our 8ft Christmas Tree from The Range, our closest store is in Doncaster and it HUGE. They put on a fantastic range of Christmas decorations every year and we found the perfect tree there. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost since I had no idea I’d be sat writing about an artificial tree on my beauty blog, but here we are. It’s a full (VERY IMPORTANT) green tree so that we can decide exactly what we want to do with it. I’ve seen some pre-lit trees with artificial snow which also look STUNNING and I probably would have caved for one of those if we went off a decision right now but at least with our plain tree we have the freedom to do absolutely anything… so thats exactly what we did. We picked up a can of fake snow from ASDA for £2.00 and added it to the edge of the tree branches to give it a little bit more.

Since you’re on my blog named Debra-Bow, you’ll probably know that my name is actually… you guessed it, Debra-Bow. If you’ve ever wondered how thats pronounced, its like the pretty gold bows we have all over our tree. Again, picked up from the Range. Our angel is from Home Sense and our baubles are from a local garden centre that we picked up last year. We finished it off by adding 400 warm light fairy lights, some icicle ornaments (ASDA) and some gold glittery angel wings by the top of the tree for our loved ones that are no longer here.

Last year we went for the gold and red theme with our tree decorations but once we had started this time we decided to leave the red baubles in storage and just stick with the gold as it all looked good all as one… and that’s about it. This year I’m super proud of our tree so hopefully you guys will love it too.

And when you’re Christmas mad like me, you don’t stop at the tree; we have a garland over our fireplace filled with red bows which  IMO suited the room more when the tree also had red baubles on there, so maybe I should try wrapping the garland over the banister instead, let me know what you think! We also have a bunch of ornaments dotted around the house, mostly on windowsill’s fitting in with the Santa theme and always have a festive candle lit every evening along with my scentsy warmer with a lovely wax in it, filling the room with all kinds of.

I’m SO happy with our home this Christmas and I’m about 99% sure that I’ll probably add to what we already have up before December the 25th and surprise myself when I open up our storage boxes next year like I did this year all over again, but isn’t that the most exciting thing about decorating your home? I’m looking forward to showing everything off to our friends and family over the next month that we have our decorations up. Our love for Christmas definitely shines through in our home.

I hope you loved peaking into our home and what we’ve made it this year for Christmas… Theres more to come over the next few weeks with #Blogmas so if you’d like to subscribe to my blog for email notifications every time I publish there is an option at the very bottom of this page. I’d really appreciate it!

Whats your favourite thing in your home at Christmas? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

*Blogmas Day 1 - This blog post contains PR samples from Peacocks however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.