It’s that time of year once again, the Christmas decorations are up, the gift shopping is in full swing and everybody is making conversation in one way or another… “So, do you have any Christmas parties this weekend?” it’s like when December hits, you’re automatically enrolled into some kinda’ party schedule. Nah, not me though. Where was my invite? (joking by the way!) I don’t work for a big company that has an all expenses paid for Christmas party or have a big group of friend’s that all make plans together every weekend so technically theres no opportunities for fun Christmas party plans… and thats why I decided to make a change.

Back in October an idea popped into our heads about throwing a little get-together after a successful 21st Birthday party. Although it was a little too late to plan a last minute Halloween party with friends that all live around the country we chose to plan something for December so that we would have more time to get our heads in the right place. Obviously planning a house party can be as straight forward or as complicated as you decide to make it so I thought that I’d share how we’ve prepared for ours before the event happens; then maybe we can check back in to see how it went in a few weeks time.

Also, I’m so excited to share that this post is in collaboration with a bunch of my very lovely blogger friends. If you want to read some Christmas related posts from beauty to festive drinks, check out their links at the end of this post.

Of course, the most important part of planning your own Christmas party is to set a date… what would it be without one? We chose a Saturday night since most people we know work weekdays with a good 5 weeks notice. I think its really important to give friend’s and family as much notice as possible as although they say ‘last minute plans are always the best‘ those plans won’t happen if nobody can make it. December is such a busy month for a lot of people so do yourself a favour. We created a small private Facebook event so that everything was all in one place and we could keep track over who was coming and who wasn’t. If you don’t want a Project X style party then make sure its definitely a PRIVATE Facebook event… Imagine the neighbours face?

Our friend’s are from all over the place, because of Jonny’s job he works with people who live all over the country. Fortunately I’ve also met friends in a very similar way through what I do. I’m so thankful to feel like I have friend’s in every corner of the country. It’s an amazing feeling… Especially when they travel so far just to spend some time with you. It’s a really special moment when you see your friends who have all travelled alone, socialise with people they’ve never met before, because they have something in common… ME.

My friend’s would disagree – Pizza and Prosecco, please! Well not for me anyway, I’ve touched before how I don’t drink alcohol as since becoming much more anxious I found that it was a trigger, although in some occasions I do have a drink. So if you’re ever around me and I have a glass of something alcoholic you’ll know I’m SUPER comfortable around you. Anyway, we said Pizza didn’t we? Of course.

If you’re having a party you typically have food around too and deciding what you want to do beforehand is the most suitable thing to do – since you don’t want any last minute stress when you realise you haven’t planned the food you’re going to serve to your guests. Obviously at a party you’re not really serving a three-course sit down meal but its always nice to put nibbles down. In our case we’ve decided to invite everybody over with the intention of ordering pizza around an hour and a half after the party ‘starts‘ (since nobody turns up when it actually starts usually). Not only does this keep your own spending to a minimum but you’re catering to everybody since theres always something else for them to order too.

We’re still planning on putting down the usual nibbles still: crisps, breadsticks, cakes, donuts etc. Ya’ know, the typical party food… but ordering a takeaway together works out much better as in one way or another you always over (or under) buy food, so hopefully this way there will be no waste (with food and money spent on it). The same goes for drinking, not everybody drinks the same thing and even if you did try and buy a whole variety of alcohol it may not be what your guests want equalling to more wastage. Asking people to bring their own drinks always goes down well too and I’ve never met anybody who complains over this arrangement. Win, win!

Added tip: Plastic plates, cutlery and cups are the way to go. No broken glasses to spoil your night and bare minimum to tidy the following day.

Well, you can’t exactly plan a party, have people turn up and do nothing… or can you? We don’t exactly have a 10 bed-mansion with a games room to entertain people in, but we do have a table, and a beer pong set. This game was SO successful at my birthday party and we even attempted ‘blind beer pong‘ by shooting with our eyes covered since our friend Nathan (who is also on YouTube, here) inspired us to shake things up a bit – hence the hands over our eyes. Nathan is blind and has done some incredible things for charity; friends and family around him included, which tends to be money raising for guide dogs by attempting something blindfolded for a period of time. If you’d like to know more information and help out as well you are more than welcome to get in touch!

Back on track: Beer pong is a great way to entertain your guest but no party is complete without a bangin’ playlist. That’s right. I’m already on it this year; I’m not sticking to a ready made playlist since I want to include a bunch of different music INCLUDING Christmas tunes too. I’ll keep you updated and link you to the playlist I create on Spotify once it goes live. Spoiler alert: It will definitely have some ‘old skool’ R&B and a lil’ bit of Mariah. Obviously the company of friends around you entertains people enough; so fingers crossed everybody is happy.

When it comes to the festive period and parties, people tend to go for the fancy dress theme but we’ve decided to stick to ‘come wearing whatever you want‘ kind of policy. It’s still an excuse to glam up though, so keep your eyes peeled for my Christmas makeup posts too.

Lastly, my favourite thing about hosting a party over Christmas is that you really don’t need to go out of your way to pick up decorations or spend time getting things ready the way you do with birthday parties. Our Christmas decorations are already up around the house so the only thing we will have to pick up is any added extras we decide to go for.

Now the countdown is on… I’m not panicking so much right now but I’m sure my Twitter will say different in a few weeks time. I can’t wait to spend the evening with all of our friends in one place and share it on my blog afterwards too. Wish me luck!

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Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx