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    Are you a blogger, MUA, brand or just a makeup enthusiast that regularly swatches makeup palettes? Then I think you’ve clicked onto the right blog post. Swatch Perfect is a new small business that launched a few months ago by a fellow blogger that knows the struggles of perfecting those eyeshadow swatches for blog posts. Having neat eyeshadow swatches to go along side your regular palette photos in your posts make a whole difference, since when I do regular ones they ALWAYS turn out looking different and a little all over the place.

    If you’ve not already guessed, Swatch Perfect supply people like you and I wanting to make perfect swatches. Hence the name. They’re stencils made from “low-tack, latex free sticky-back vinyl” and come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes for you to be completely creative with.

    When I first heard about this idea, I wondered how I had never thought “why don’t swatch stencils exist?” when I’m having my bulk photography sessions, struggling to take neat eyeshadow swatch photos. Well, it might do – but I had never heard of anything like this until Swatch Perfect was born… and what a bloody brilliant idea it is too.

    Not only was I more than happy to support a fellow blogger but I was so excited at the idea of using these. I placed my first order and even used a discount code (which if you keep a look out and sign up to their mailing list theres always fantastic promotions going) and planned my next photoshoot with some eyeshadow palettes all around using these.

    Just FYI – these aren’t made necessarily to be used more than once but you can ‘try’ which I have, and it did work but not as neat as it did using them the first time round so bare this in mind if you do try to do the same.

    The stencils themselves come in all different shapes and sizes, from standard bricks, hearts, circles and lips to honeycomb, paw prints and even crowns. They haven’t irritated my skin once, they don’t pull when removing them and are really friendly to use. The application is simple, I gently apply my chosen stencil to my clean skin (forearm), ensure its pressed down neatly with no lumps or bumps and then apply the product over. You can use an eyeshadow primer if you wish before this step but I never do when swatching. If you make a mistake its easy to remove and re-apply and it really isn’t a messy process whatsoever.

    I’ve found that everything is looking far neater and I’m not using no where near as much arm space as I would with a regular swatch, meaning that I’m able to fit more shades on at once – really handy when I’m doing larger palettes. These stencils are literally a game changer and I’m excited to purchase some more styles and use them in the future… I know now how important it is (for me, personally) to have these now, as it has improved how I look at my eyeshadow swatching photography. Also, its just much more pleasing to the eye, right? I’ve already got some posts lined up and ready where you’ll see even more of the stencils in action.

    Swatch Perfect is a fantastic idea and I’m SO glad to have found something like this. Everything is so affordable and like I mentioned above, they’re always so generous with promotional offers and discount codes so keep an eye out for those too.

    If you’d like to support a small business and a fellow blogger, do check out their site and let me know if you pick anything up.

    Visit Swatch Perfect by clicking here.

    What do you think to this fantastic stencil idea?

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow