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    I’ve always played it safe when it comes to using hair tools, whether it be trying new things for my long thick hair on my head or to maintain/prevent hair growth on my body… But, I’m trying to jump into a whole new world where I experiment a little bit more so in this post I’m sharing 5 hair tools on the market that I want to try in 2018 – they range from hair curlers and hair dryers to IPL Hair Removal tools and so much more. Then hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have five individual reviews of each thing if I managed to get round to trying it out. Stay with me!

    It’s always been a funny thing when my friends and anybody that follows me on social media come to me for hair advice as I’ve always been the ‘friend with the longest hair‘ and with that, comes so many questions on how I maintain it, what I do and don’t use on it and what tips I have for others to grow their hair as long as mine… but the honest truth is that I don’t do or use much to my hair. My routine is very simplistic and I’ve been lucky enough that with that it’s given my hair the freedom to grow extra long, but its at a stage now where I need to start doing different things to give it the style it truly deserves. All this hair and no fun? It needs to change!

    Not only that but I’ve spoken about body hair removal quite a lot since I’m a huge fan of Friction Free Shaving and the body razors they have to offer, and whilst I’m still confidently using their razors daily I do get anxious about facial hair which I don’t shave off the same way I do with my body hair… So with that comes the first tool I want to try this year:

    1 – PANOSONIC IPL Body & Facial Hair Remover | £349.99
    Something different that I’ve had my eye on for years now is the IPL hair removal system. It effectively prevents the growth of unwanted hair without damaging your skin. You can also adjust the settings so that it suits the area and sensitivity of your skin whilst being suitable to use on your arms, under arms, bikini line and EVEN your face.

    Although using something like this on my under arms or bikini line doesn’t seem to please me, being able to use it on your face does.  I’ve looked into laser hair removal for facial hair numerous amounts of times so, if I can do it at home whilst maintaining it as well then this tool is something I’d LOVE to try out one day. I’ll keep you updated if I ever get my hands on one.

    2 – BABYLISS Big Hair | £45.00
    The Babyliss Big Hair is actually a tool I have recently become a proud owner of. As most of you know – I don’t use much heat when it comes to my hair and that includes not using a hair dryer after most hair washes. I tend to let my hair dry naturally but sometimes I just need an extra push and thats where this brush has come in well. It’s basically a rotating hair brush that aims to give you a ‘salon finish’ ‘big bouncy blow dry‘ whilst leaving your hair frizz-free with a high shine finish.

    The brush allows you to use two heat settings plus a cool setting and has two rotation speeds for full styling control. It’s definitely worth looking into as so far I’m enjoying my experience of using it and is a tool I use on my hair when it gets to that ‘almost dry, but still damp‘ stage of the natural hair drying process. Have a little research and find out what I mean.

    3 – BOMBAY HAIR 5-in-1 Curling Wand | £135.00
    Another item I have recently become the owner of is the Bombay Hair 5-in-1 Curling Wand, after a family member very kindly treated me to one. Unfortunately its not here yet so I can’t share my experience but once it is I will 100% be back with a full in-depth blog post.

    Bombay Hair is one of those brands that are big on the Instagram scene and you only ever see large influencers and celebrities promoting the brand and their tools but after seeing one of their 50% off codes we jumped at the chance to pick up the 5-in-1 curler. The name is pretty self-explanatory but the curler comes with five different barrels to choose from depending on the finish of the curl you wish for. Instead of owning five different curlers you instead change each head dependant which in my opinion is so handy! I’m so excited to try this and come back with a review but one thing that must be noted if anybody does jump at the chance to purchase this is that the 5-in-1 curlers are currently on pre/back order and Bombay Hair’s customer service is pretty much non-existent (such a shame).

    4 – DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer | £349.50
    Enlisting the help of some of the world’s top hair stylists and engineers, Dyson have created a product that is light-weight, efficient and easy to use, yet still delivers powerful drying and styling results every day. Powerful technology; Dyson has turned convention on its head and redesigned the hair dryer by putting the motor in the handle. This change has rebalanced the dryer’s weight and shape, allowing you to dry your hair for longer without getting that pesky arm ache. The V9 motor also spins up to 110,000 times per minute at one inaudible frequency, making it faster, lighter and quieter than other motors.

    If you haven’t seen or heard of this hair dryer then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I pick this up and turn it on every time I go to Boots and pass the Dyson stand, and I know I choose not to use heat in my hair when it comes to drying it but I think I’d make some major exceptions if I ever owned this bad boy. It’s the mother of hair dryers and at £329.50 is a hefty personal investment when you can run to Argos and pick up a standard hair dryer for fifteen quid. It’s an item I’d LOVE to own but one I won’t be running marathons for any time soon, so I’m sure if I ever do own it you’ll know all about it (hopefully some time this year *dreams big*).

    5 – BABYLISS Elegance Straightener | £40.00
    I’ve had a little bit of a head start with this one but how could I not include a hair straightener? I already own the Babyliss Elegance hair straightener but don’t reach for it very often because, big shock… if you didn’t already know, I don’t use heat very much! Oh, you already knew that? Of course you did! My aim this year is to reach for this styler more since not only can you straighten your hair but you can also curl your hair using any decent hair straighteners with the right method.

    I didn’t want to include a hair straightener that I don’t already own here as I absolutely love the pair I own now and would 100% recommend it to anybody looking for an affordable hair straightener. In fact, one of my friends decided not to re-purchase her trusty GHD’s when they broke and picked this pair up instead and said she has been won over. WINNER!

    I would absolutely love to know if you’ve tried any of the tools above in the comments below, especially the first one.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx