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    When I tell you that I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life going up to the top of The Shard, best believe I had the best experience of my life. I’ll probably repeat one thousand times in this post how beautiful the view is, how amazing the whole thing was and how much you need to do this experience for yourself to truly understand the excitement in this blog post, so if ya’ think you can stand that for the next ten minutes then you best grab a cuppa.

    You’ve probably all heard about The Shard in one way another, whether it be through a friend doing the same experience or seeing it plastered online. It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for a few years but without good reason to I’ve never had the chance. I know, I know, but you don’t need a reason to do these things Deb. That’s what I finally told myself when we entered a new year, that I’d stop waiting for things to come around and go out there and do and experience it myself. Because, why wait for a special occasion that may never come around? HOWEVER, the right opportunity DID come around, this once.

    Last Wednesday myself and one of my lovely friends embarked on an early birthday slash galantines trip to the capital, around an hour and a half away on the train. I won’t go into too much detail here since I have a 9 hours in London blog post planned to go up shortly after this but whilst planning the surprise day out for my friend who was two days away from celebrating her birthday, PrezzyBox offered to step in and share the love. I mean, after all… You don’t just have to celebrate Valentines Day with your significant other, right? Ok, I know that it’s typically a day for telling your husband or wife that you love them with a big bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates but the way I see it is, if its a day for expressing love then you should tell those around you, regardless of what relation, just how appreciative you are to have them in your life. Whether thats by sending a text, writing a card, or ya’ know… taking them to The Shard.

    Like I said above, the trip was an early birthday gift but valentines day is also quickly approaching so why not use the excuse to celebrate both? PrezzyBox.com is a website specialising in 1000’s of gifts for the whole family, they range from personalised items, gadgets and even experience days and if you’re anything like me you’ll agree that the best gift you could ever give somebody is a memory. I love creating memories with all of my loved ones in my life, whether it be by catching up over a meal or stepping out a little and doing something that we wouldn’t tend to do on an everyday basis so thats why this year I decided to hold off on the gift shopping front and put my planning skills to the test, so we can explore and create some new memories instead.

    THE VIEW FROM THE SHARD FOR TWO | PrezzyBox £45.90
    “London’s highest and best view is situated at the top of The Shard, on floors 68, 69 and 72. At almost twice the height of any other viewing platform in the capital, it offers visitors unparalleled 360-degree views for up to 40 miles.”

    The voucher supplied through PrezzyBox is not only a fantastic gift but so extremely straight forward, perfect for those who aren’t crazy on complicated planning. The voucher arrives in your inbox, you print it off and you turn up at the location. Simples. Obviously this may not be the case for other experiences so make sure you check beforehand to prevent disappointment. The best thing about The View from The Shard for Two is that you can literally turn up whenever is best, no pre-booking slots. Just enjoy your day out and decide when you’re ready to go and experience the view.

    Once we turned up and showed the ticket desk our printed voucher, we were given official tickets and was quickly on our way to the top of the building, after being checked by what felt like airport security. I think its fantastic how quickly and efficiently it is to get through this and it definitely isn’t as long winded as it feels when you’re gaining entry to an airport before jetting off on holiday. You’re then ushered to a photo opportunity (just like any major attraction, they want to make money out of those souvenirs) where you’re told to pose like the thousands of people who have already sat in front of the same green screen that day.

    Once guided to the lifts by members of staff it kinda’ feels like you’re on route to boarding a rocket to space or something. It’s all very futuristic and exciting which 100% adds to the experience because once you step out of the lift and the light from the sky, 69 floors high up hits you… You’ll realise that there isn’t much that can compare to this. Be prepared to say: wow! ooh, ahh! oh. my. god. This is amazing. More than once. It’s almost as though you lose your sense of vocabulary and have no idea what else to describe whats happening right in front of you.

    We decided to head straight for the bar before walking around the whole floor more times than we could count, trying to shoot photos we probably already took ten times already and making sure we got enough selfies to share on insta’ for the next 2 months. It’s obviously almost impossible to know exactly how far you can see but that quote describing that The Shard offers views of up to 40 miles is as far as I’m aware, very true. We could see everything, all major landmarks and even helicopters passing close to the building; we also had a good day, weather wise. I couldn’t have wished for a better time at The Shard. (ALSO, can we talk about this toilet view please? Yes, there was an option to put a blind down… No, I did not use it.)

    The experience from the beginning to the end was a breeze (literally, its pretty windy on the upper deck), the entrance to the building was beautiful, the experience was incredible and the staff were all extremely friendly. Initially the price seems like a lot for a viewing experience but once I stumbled upon the fantastic offer on PrezzyBox for two it didn’t seem so bad at all… It’s the first site I’ll check in the future for all gift experience, and so should you! If you’d like to follow our day out in London, you can head over to my instagram where its featured on my travel memories.

    The photos speak for themselves, so hopefully you’ve been able to live the experience through what I managed to capture (with the help of my friend snapping away all day too) and perhaps I’ll see you up there one day? (My next birthday party at The Shard please!)

    If you’d like to check out what PrezzyBox have to offer for birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas and more… click here – don’t forget, they have a gift for E V E R Y O N E & ALL OCCASIONS. A huge thank you to PrezzyBox.com for making this happen.

    Lots of Love. Debra-Bow xxx