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    Hats off to Makeup Revolution, they are absolutely killin’ it right now with their new makeup releases. First the best concealer EVER, and now the Fast Base Foundation… is it set to become the best foundation ever running with their sister concealer? In today’s blog post I put it to the test for one whole day in order to share my FIRST impressions. By no means is this a full review since I always test products for 2-3 weeks before sharing a “full in-depth review“, instead its my first reaction to the latest foundation out in drugstores now (available online now and in stores 28/03/2018).

    Makeup Revolution have finally released their very anticipated Fast Base Foundation, a stick foundation that comes in 18 shades and different undertones – designed to be a quick and easy alternative to your usual foundation, since you can use this product as a foundation, highlight AND contour whilst only costing £5.00 (!!!!!!!!!).

    The stick foundation is 6.2 grams, comparing it to another stick foundation I own from NYX which costs £11.50 for 6 grams it already shows the price difference for almost the same amount of product. It’s advertised to be blendable and buildable, with a satin finish, cruelty free and vegan. Sounds like everything we look for in a foundation these days.

    If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen that when I first started raving about the concealer (you can read the post here), I screamed from the rooftops that Makeup Revolution should follow with a foundation… Making my dreams and many others come true, they pulled the cat out of the bag and made it happen. There’s usually only so much you can expect from a cheap drugstore brand but, when a brand like Makeup Revolution have produced one of the best concealers on the market that sweep all of my drugstore and high end concealers off the shelf AND then follow with a FOUNDATION, you kinda’ expect the best… so I have high expectations for this.

    Whilst ordering my main concerns are that the foundation is a satin finish, and not a matte finish like I usually reach for – but I’m trying to delve into a different style of makeup so recently I’ve started powdering less and turning to those foundations that give me a dewy finish. I guess you could say this foundation came at the right time, as it will 100% set in stone whether that is the direction of base finish I want to go for. Having oily skin is one of the main reasons why I tend to sway towards matte finishes but with a much better skincare routine in place, controlling and maintaining the oiliness of my skin I’m hoping it will work well – if not we can easily bake/powder and make it work but it will definitely put it to the test.

    Another thing to add, which is completely down to personal preference and straight to the point: I’m not a fan of the packaging. I LOVE everything about the roll up stick foundation however, the colour and the finish to the packaging just doesn’t sit right with me. After handling the tube a few times it has already got makeup marks that show up quite clear. BUT, like I said, its complete personal preference.

    Before I get into how I applied the foundation I wanted to quickly talk about my current skin situation; I’ve recently had some hormonal breakouts on my chin and mouth area leaving me with nasty red angry scars, so I’ve decided whilst reviewing this foundation that I wouldn’t show full photos, as although it would be the perfect example of how well this foundation covers – it’s something I’m not comfortable sharing so please take that into consideration.

    Another concern is that I also have a large area of uneven skin tones on my cheeks that make my face appear red and flushed when I’m not wearing makeup so I have high hopes that I can compare the coverage against this. I know an image doesn’t always show the true representation but I’m hoping that you see what I see in the swatch photo below (amazing coverage!!)

    Based off the foundation shade description I ordered the two following:
    F6For light/medium skin tones with yellow undertoneF8For medium skin tones with yellow undertone – after application, I found that f6 was a perfect match over f8, but the foundation shade description online was short and simple yet, easy enough for me to choose the correct shade.

    One of my go-to foundation brushes is the Morphe M439 – I’ve spoken about it in previous blog posts where I talk heavily about base makeup. I always think that if you don’t yet know how a foundation works it’s best to try it out with a brush, since some foundations I own don’t work very well with beauty blenders… its easy enough to go back in on top with the beauty blender but to prevent upset (a real thing, haaaaaa!) I stick with the brush when its a first time.

    I firstly swiped the foundation across my skin in all of the areas I wanted to apply it, I couldn’t believe my eyes once my attention came to the coverage. Since I do have quite rosy cheeks it’s one of my priorities when choosing a foundation that it covers it correctly and it honestly did… those photos going round on social media right now are simply showcasing the amazing coverage of the foundation to a very true representation. Once I started blending it out with my brush, it was clear to see that the foundation did not lose any of its coverage. After applying one layer I actually went in again as well to see how much I could build it up, even though I really don’t think this foundation needs building up since the coverage is there from the first swipe.

    It’s like magic happening before my eyes, I half expected it to lose a little bit of coverage when brushing it out but it didn’t at all. The foundation blended out like a dream using the M439 brush and didn’t go patchy or caky on my skin… the foundation remained completely full coverage throughout the whole application through to finish.

    To finish my makeup I applied the conceal and define concealer (you must read the review here) to my chin, under eyes and forehead area, blending it out with the same brush. To set everything in place, I decided against baking, something that I’ve not done for quite a while since I’ve been going for the more dewy finish – instead, I reached for my all time favourite Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in transparent, applying it to those areas where I concealed. I then proceeded to do my usual makeup: contour, highlight, eyebrows, mascara & lips.

    Once I had finished applying the foundation to my skin, I assessed how it looked. Worried that I would look too oily down to the satin finish, I kept checking whether I needed to powder a little more but, for once, I didn’t. I really liked the dewy/satin finish to this foundation and think that the further along into the year we go, the nicer it will look, especially in summer.

    Like I said above, the foundation did not feel heavy or caky on my skin. In fact, the foundation is really light-wearing with a full coverage finish, AKA the DREAM. I had no immediate creasing which is a great sign, so from this point all is looking really well and I’m excited to see the results by the end of the day.

    Now, the foundation is named fast based, as its supposed to be a faster alternative – I don’t necessarily think that it’s any faster than any usual foundations BUT if I had the right shades to highlight and contour with I can see how it would be faster to use… Either way, I like this foundation, A LOT.

    Edit: how could I forget? The foundation covered my whole breakout area, not to mention the angry red scarring I already had going on without any of it peeking through… absolute WINNER.

    I wore the foundation for approximately 7 hours – 5 hours in I finally took my photos after a rushed morning of baking, cooking lunch and binge watching Doctor Foster. I finally looked in the mirror to be greeted with a finished makeup look that looked like it had just been applied. I still had no creasing and I surprisingly didn’t need to powder, despite having oily skin and the foundation having a satin finish… WOW.

    I really liked the dewy finish to the foundation, my skin looked glowy without looking like a greaseball (the reason why I’d typically stick to matte foundations) but as time is moving, my skin seems to be thanking me much more for choosing dewy and satin finishes. Possibly a change?! I do think this foundation works well with oily skin, but thats with MY skin. What works for me, may not for you – so keep that in mind if you have an oily skin type and you’re looking into this foundation.

    When it came to removing my foundation I still had no change… I had a lot of oiliness on my eyelids which is inevitable and doesn’t tend to concern or affect my foundation wear since it’s only where the foundation has gently transferred over during application. My skin, mostly my T-Zone, chin and nose was perfectly fine and still didn’t need powdering… And, to think that a year ago I would be heavily baking my skin in order to control my oil, this is a fantastic step forward. Did I mention, I had no under eye creasing, WHATSOEVER? 

    My skin looks flawless whilst wearing this foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable, thick on the skin or cheap. I’ll 100% carry on using this foundation until something better comes along, which right now, I don’t think will be any time soon. The fast base foundation stick by Makeup Revolution is AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE and, one of the best foundations to touch my skin in a long time.

    Of course, I have my favourites in the shape of Urban Decay’s All Nighter and The Ordinary’s still, but this is up there with one of my favourites… that’s me, saying this, after ONE first impressions test. AND, for £5.00 you couldn’t possibly go wrong. I’m still shocked that at five whole quid, I can put something on my skin that I absolutely love. I don’t think I’ll be reaching for many other foundations for a while. Once again, Makeup Revolution absolutely smashing this industry and ticking all of the boxes.

    As this post has gone up, this foundation is currently not available in store but will be as of the 28/03/2018. You can currently purchase it for £5.00 each online at:
    SuperDrug or TamBeauty

    Will you be picking up the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation? I’d love to know.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx