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    Perfecting my eyebrows is something I’m constantly working on, they’ve always been my thing. So when I found out that ICONIC London had brought out a brand new eyebrow product, something most of us had never seen before I had to get my hands on it. Fortunately I received it as a Christmas gift off a loved one and ever since I’ve been obsessed with the Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion. If you’re into a full, glam brow then this is for you and ya’ need to stick with me. If its not… I have a post featuring Glossier’s Boy Brow coming in the next few weeks where I talk about my struggle to balance a full-glam and natural look, and whats worked for me.

    Exactly what its called, ICONIC‘s Eyebrow Cushion is a two-shade liquid brow compact where the product is placed inside of a cushion (I KNOW?!). It sounds kinda’ crazy and a little scary, but its actually amazing. It’s one of the first products on the market of its kind, other than foundation cushions you may have seen out there; there isn’t anything like an brow cushion. The cushion dispenses the product which allows your brush to ‘become fully saturated in each of the rich, pigmented colours‘. It’s also smudge-proof, sweat resistant and long lasting. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Each cushion also contains Vitamin E which is known for stimulating the growth of your natural brows, whilst the formula is fully vegan-friendly too. With four different shades to choose from, theres hopefully a shade that matches you all very well, because hopefully once I’m done with this post you’ll be desperate for one too.

    The packaging is a small, mirrored compact which is so easy to throw in your handbag, if you’re a top up on the go kinda’ person but I’m telling you now, you don’t need to if you’re using this. It also comes with a double sided brush and spoolie which folds away to fit in the compact without losing it when you’re on the move.

    All of those things mean that when I’m wearing this I won’t ever have to worry about my eyebrows in whatever weather, I was instantly hooked. Although the title of the brow cushion on the website states that it is limited edition, ICONIC London confirmed that its going nowhere.

    Although the brow cushion was given to me as a Christmas gift, I do know that purchasing from ICONIC London direct was a quick and easy process; although delivery took around a week – the compact was well packaged and worth the wait. I have the shade DEEP and the Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow cushion costs £26.99 but it’s easy for you to find discount codes from your favourite influencers (I used Holly Boon’s: HOLLYB10 – you can also see it in action in her amazing video by clicking here). I know, I know. Its a pricey product… BUT in most cases you pay for quality, and this is one of them. Keep an eye out for sales on Iconic’s social medias since we managed to grab this in the Black Friday sales for nearly ten pounds off.
     It’s easy to rush into using this and getting frustrated by messing up so take it slow. The cushion is extremely pigmented and wet so you don’t need to apply too much pressure when you’re getting the product on the brush. The brush is also extremely thin so it helps being precise when you’re filling in your brows. I try to work in the direction of my hair growth and work as quickly but as gently as possible as the formula is quick drying… The best thing about it drying so quickly is that if you want to build it up with more product, you can. I tend to neaten everything up by using a flat edged brush and my favourite new concealer and I’m done. ICONIC suggest removing the product using an oil-based makeup remover although I’ve removed it using a variation of cleansers which have all removed it without an issue.
    If the concept of this product scares you a little, I’d suggest trying it out on the back of your hand to figure out pressure and precision before you go straight in on a normal makeup day.
    I can genuinely say that I’ve never used anything like this product before. I didn’t think that I’d enjoy this type of formula since I’ve been using Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Pomade for around 3 years now. Based off my favourite YouTuber’s raving about this amazing product, I had high expectations and had connived myself before it was even mine that I would love it… and, I was C O R R E C T.
    Everything said above to describe the product and what ICONIC claim it will do and how well it works is a very true statement. It’s long wearing, smudge-proof, pigmented and such a fun brow product to wear. I’ve been so impressed with this since the very first application and haven’t reached for my pomade much at all since the brow cushion came into my life… big move. The two shades mean that you can alternate between the two to create your ideal fade brow or if you prefer, wear the lighter one for natural looks and the darker shade for those dramatic ones. Up to you!
    It claims to be very precise and I can confirm, IT IS. I personally don’t go for the “hair like” method with my brows but you can easily achieve that with the angled eyebrow fold-up brush that comes in the compact with it being so sharp. It’s one of the best eyebrow brushes I’ve ever used and I’m all for ICONIC bringing it out as a single brush (that isn’t a fold away one) as I need 10 back ups, right now. I also think that if I was to go back in to using my pomade with this brush it would be the perfect duo.
    I’ve had no experience of needing to touch up my brows whilst wearing these throughout the day and they’ve definitely stayed in place all day. No fuss whatsoever. The brow cushion does retail for £26.99 which as I mentioned above can be bought with a discount code… I know, you’re probably thinking “TWENTY SEVEN QUID FOR AN EYEBROW PRODUCT?!” – I personally wouldn’t voluntarily pick something up at this price but if you do your research and trust my opinion, then its worth it; or in my experience, the perfect item to ask for if you’re struggling to give an answer to somebody asking you what you want for an event such as Christmas or your birthday. I personally think its worth it and knowing what I know now, I would repurchase it. I can’t wait to show more makeup looks in the future featuring this.
    If you would like to purchase the ICONIC London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow Cushion, click here.
    I’d love to know what your current favourite brow product is in the comments below.
    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx