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    Makeup Revolution is definitely a brand that’s perfectly described as the gift that keeps on giving – they outdo themselves every time they announce a new product and more so recently when they launched Revolution PRO. The new brand was announced a little over a month ago at their annual birthday party that I was so thankful to have attended, after weeks of anticipation and hints over on their social media giving us insights into the new brand.

    Revolution PRO is the new sister brand to the famous Makeup Revolution brand offering cruelty free, professional makeup products for a flawless finish, at a drugstore price. After receiving a handful of items from the events goodie bag, I had the craving to go shopping and delve into the brand a little bit more. I knew that since I loved their OG brand so much that I’d be in for a real treat and my my mywas I in for a treat.

    I headed to SuperDrug, my go-to place to shop all things drugstore-highstreet makeup and skincare where they had a 3-for-2 offer on. Gettin’ more for your money and all that, right sister? “Accidentally” placed an order and here we are today, not that I’m saving to leave the country or anything. I figured that the best thing to do would be to share my first impressions of each and every product I picked up in one place after doing a full face of makeup using the items over a handful of uses, and if anything jumps out at me that I NEED to do a full review on at a later date then I’ll be back.

    PORE FACE PRIMER | £7.00
    The oil-free formula glides on to leave a satin-matte finish that softens the appearance of large pores, and creates a perfectly even base for makeup. This cream-gel primer also has a subtle peach tint to colour correct discolouration and dark spots.

    Application: A pea sized amount squeezed onto the back of my hand, dotted across my t-zone area and blended out with my fingertips.

    First Impression: It isn’t as “pore filling” or smoothing as other typical pore face primers I’ve tried out in the past so I wouldn’t re-purchase it for THAT, however it has won me over on being a light-weight, easy wearing base before applying the rest of my makeup. It just lets me down on the whole pore filling sitch’ so I have to go in with something a little more on top.

    Rate: 6/10

    Covers what you want to hide, blends seamlessly into what you don’t. Highly pigmented and creamy in 18 skin-true shades, Revolution PRO Full Cover Camouflage Foundation creates maximum coverage with an even, natural-looking finish.

    Application: A small amount of product squeezed out onto the back of my hand before dotting it around my face and blending it out with a large buffer brush (morphe m439). I did originally try it out with the Revolution PRO foundation brush mentioned further along but I found that my trusty M439 worked better in this case.

    First Impression: Blends out like a DREAM. This foundation really is the winner of all full coverage drugstore foundations. Putting the word camouflage in the name of something like this kinda‘ gives you hope that it will cover EVERYTHING, and well… it sure does. Acne scars? Gone. Red cheeks? Gone. If it’s a little too full-coverage for you, then you can change up the tool you apply it with by using a wet beauty blender – but for that complete full coverage the brush application is the way to go. I’m already OBSESSED with this foundation and before you know it there will be a full review up on the blog.

    Rate: 8.5/10

    Create a silky, breathable base with Revolution PRO Foundation Drops. In 18 skin-true shades, this ultra-lightweight, water-based formula creates an undetectable finish on all skin tones. Use a few drops for a sheer wash of colour or layer up to build natural looking medium coverage.

    Application: A small amount of product squeezed out onto the back of my hand before dotting it around my face and blending it out with a large buffer brush (morphe m439).

    First Impression: One that I’m still unsure whether I just need more time to decide or whether I already absolutely hate it. I’ve worn this 2-3 times since receiving my order and every time I’ve found that my skin looks patchy and areas of my foundation has separated. For me, it’s pretty much a no already but… I’ll be back.

    Rate: 4/10

    Conceals what you want to hide, blends seamlessly into what you don’t. Ultra pigmented and in 18 skin-true shades, Revolution PRO Full Cover Camouflage Concealer creates lasting maximum coverage for all skin tones.

    Application: I Squeezed a small amount at a time onto the back of my hand, using a flat edged concealer brush applied it to clean up my eyebrows and to cover my dark under eyes… but in all honesty, going back to the camouflage foundation there really wasn’t much on my face that I needed to conceal since the foundation had done such a good job.

    First Impression: I love this product SO MUCH – I find it really hard to gel with new concealers straight away but this one is amazing. It’s basically the camouflage foundation we spoke about above, but in a small tube. It hides all of the little imperfections whilst feeling lightweight on the skin and easy wearable. I purchased the same shade as my foundation so I could use it as a concealer but I’m already on the hunt for the perfect highlight shade.

    Rate: 8.5/10

    Get the best from Revolution PRO Foundation Drops with the Revolution PRO Liquid Drop Foundation Brush. This soft synthetic buffing brush features a well to holds your foundation and distribute it evenly, for the perfect sheer finish. 100% Cruelty Free.

    Application: After dotting foundation across my face I go in with the liquid drop foundation brush in circular motions to buff the product in.

    First Impression: The brush was much smaller than I had originally anticipated, going from my Morphe M439 to a much smaller buffing brush felt like much more work was being put in just to blend the product out on my face. When I use this brush my finish isn’t as smooth as my usual go-to but it’s great for smaller areas like cream contour.

    Rate: 6/10

    In a mess-free and travel-friendly format, Revolution PRO Pressed Finishing Powder creates a soft focus effect that helps to smooth the skin’s texture and control shine.

    Application: Using a flat powder brush, I gently apply it to the t-zone/centre face area to control shine.

    First Impression: This powder has gone straight to the number one spot of all the pressed powders I’ve ever tried and owned. It controls shine for HOURS; coming from somebody who usually has to heavily bake or powder regularly throughout the day. It’s extremely lightweight and just as its described, it creates a soft focus effect that smooths the skins texture. I love this powder and how it finishes my makeup looks so much – I don’t see myself going back to anything otherwise for the time-being, thats for sure. It already comes everywhere with me, just in case.

    Rate: 10/10

    For your longest wearing looks, set makeup with Revolution PRO Supreme Hold Finishing Spray.

    Application: Spritz the supreme hold finishing spray over finished makeup looks to set all day long.

    First Impression: Firstly, I love how this spray brings my face back to life after powdering. It gives me the natural glow that somebody like me, that has to powder to control oil and shine just can’t get from dewy foundations. I use this to finish up each makeup look and it keeps everything set all day and night… I didn’t take much notice the first few times while wearing this until one evening I came to take off my makeup and thought it looked like I had not long first applied it. It HAD to be this spray.

    Rate: 9/10

    I’m such a huge fan of all things Revolution – the brand, the people and the products! If you’d like to see more in the future I’d love to know.

    As always, Bow xxx