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    In the last few years, Portugal has quickly become one of my favourite holiday destinations thanks to my lovely friend Izzy. We’ve spent the last two years in a row together relaxing in the Portuguese sun, eating delicious food and dipping our toes in the (slightly colder) sea.

    It’s no surprise that Portugal is a go-to destination for so many people, since it’s perfect for everybody! Family’s, friends, couples, single holidays and more… there is something out there to literally suit everybody. Although most of our time in Portugal has been spent lounging around, sippin’ on cocktails and tanning as much as possible, I do have so many ideas in my mind on what I’d like to do and see if I ever return to the beautiful country for a third time and https://www.holidaygems.co.uk have inspired me. So this post is kinda’ like, a mental reminder jotted down on my blog but also a suggestion for any of you planning a trip to Portugal sometime soon.

    Ok, ok, I totally get that food isn’t an attraction… or landmark. BUT, if you’re anything like my friends and I, then the food choices you make on holiday are pretty much up there with the most important decisions. You probably know Portugal is good with it’s food because you enjoy a cheeky Nando’s, but forget that for a moment and enjoy the local restaurants. It’s always good to follow where the crowd is, even if theres a short wait or you have to book a few days in advance – it’s likely to be good! If you’re a seafood lover like me, then the closer you eat to the beach: the better. Talk to the staff in local restaurants, the locals are super friendly and they’re most likely willing to give their suggestions on what to eat.

    Portugal is home to some of the most exquisite beach scenes in Europe, although the waves are some of the biggest I’ve ever seen – perfect if you enjoy surfing. There are so many incredible beaches across the whole of Portugal, it’s up to you where you go dependant of location and needs. You can visit a family friendly-touristy beach, or visit some more of the secluded ones, theres even private beaches only accessible by boat! The cliff formations surrounding the beaches are truly stunning and gives each beach it’s own rich history and story to tell.

    Theres a location for everyone, a beach for those that like to lay in the sun tanning and relaxing, one that enjoys family fun packed activities all day long and ones for those that just want to participate in water sports. Think kayaking, surfing, that kinda’ thing – and if you’ve been watching Love Island (who isn’t?) like myself, you’ll notice new girl Laura mentioned how she mostly surfs in Portugal… winning!

    Portugal is the home to stunning beauty and rich history – it goes without saying that they definitely have some monuments, statues, churches and cathedrals worth a trip out to see. Unfortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to spend any time admiring any of them just yet, but that’ll change someday, I’m sure! Portugal is Europes oldest nation and it’s cultural heritage has so many stories to tell.

    One of my favourite trips that combines the culture, history, cliffs, quietness and stunning beaches all into one is when Izzy and I visited Senhora Da Rocha – a recommendation by a lovely man sat next to us on the plane. The reason we were so intrigued by this place was by the beautiful white chapel on the cliff edge, also kinda’ insta worthy… so naturally we HAD to take a drive out to see it. While on a boat trip a few days later, we learnt that the wives of the fishermen went to pray here many moons ago. It was closed when we went to visit but if you appreciate things like that there is still plenty to see from the outside, plus the viewing point from the cliff is absolutely breathtaking.
    You can read Portugal’s Top 10 Cultural Features to see here.

    There are so many things to do and see to get lost in Portugal, you’ll never regret booking a trip there! If you’re planning a holiday to the beautiful country you can visit https://www.holidaygems.co.uk for all of the BEST current deals. Portugal is budget friendly, family friendly, has beautiful weather and there is truly so much to see, you’ll never get bored!

    Have you been to Portugal before? I’d love to know.

    Lots of Love, Bow xxx