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    For quite some time now, ASOS have been releasing limited edition beauty boxes featuring different brands for different occasions. For most of the previous launches I’ve just had a quick scan, haven’t been quite so satisfied enough so moved on without giving it any more thought… but when an exciting notification from the ASOS app landed on my home screen yesterday afternoon alerting me to the new Travel Essentials Box, I freaked a lil’


    It’s no lie that my makeup and skincare collection is gettin’ a little bit out of hand, and with a plan to move sometime, trying to keep the collection under control is getting difficult. As an absolute beauty junkie, cutting down on the hauls is something I’ve not taken to lightly… BUT, I know it’ll be worth the struggle once I come to packing my collection away to eventually move. Willpower an’ all. I guess an upside to this whole standing back is all the saved money from not spending it on makeup (who am I kidding? It’s probably been spent on food and mojito’s instead) and finally jumping in deeper to my makeup collection; trying and using products that have sat brand new and untouched in my drawers for quite some time. But, the downside is definitely missing out on all of the exciting new Summer beauty releases *cries foundation tears into my Alex 9 drawers*. Ok, I think this post has just turned into me just me admitting that I have some hoarding problem. I do have a point though. Let’s move on.


    Seeing that ASOS app notification with all of the products featured in ASOS’ latest beauty box had me itching so much that before I could stop myself, I had already added it into my basket and clicked checkout with my premier delivery and apple pay. DANGEROUS. In all fairness, my point above is that: if I can’t spend money on full sized, new releases since I’m trying to make my life easier when I have to pack up this makeup collection to move, then surely purchasing mini’s ain’t such a bad thing since they’ll probably be long used up. Good plan? I thought so. Just agree with me either way.

    The ASOS Travel Essentials Box comes with six travel friendly products that you can take with you on any trips you may have planned without worrying whether they’ll pass through in your hand luggage. Let’s take a look at whats featured:

    Too Faced better than sex mascara: 4.8g
    Rodial dragon’s blood hyaluronic tonic: 50ml
    Ouai rose hair and body oil: 9.2ml
    Emma Hardie brilliance facial oil: 5ml
    Glamglow thirstymud hydrating treatment: 15g
    Touch In Sol no poreblem primer
    A smooth and pore covering primer

    Considering some of these mini’s each cost over half the price of this box, I think it’s a pretty good deal. The Too Faced mascara, Ouai oil and Glamglow mask are my favourite picks out of the whole collection so I’m excited to finally try them out and discover some new products that I was yet to discover too. Overall, I think this box is a fantastic idea and I’ll definitely be getting my hands on future launches too especially when it comes in SO CHEAP. If you want to discover some new brands and products without breaking the bank then this is the perfect box for you. I’m totally over monthly beauty sample subscription boxes, ASOS is where it’s at. 

    If you want to get your hands on this box, be QUICK! Previous launches have sold out fast. I’ll definitely update in a few weeks time with my thoughts on all of the products featured, and hopefully I’ll have some amazing things to report back on. 
    What do you think? Will you be getting your hands on ASOS’ new Travel Essentials Box? 

    ASOS Travel Essentials Box £12.00