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    I’m Debra-Bow, a twenty-something, half Thai and half British, Yorkshire based blogger. I created my blog focusing on all things makeup, skincare and anything else that falls under those categories, but over time it’s transitioned into both a lifestyle and beauty blog, giving me the freedom to share more of my life on here which is exactly what I always dreamed of.

    My self-named blog was born in November 2015 after dwelling on creating my very own blog for over seven years, just as the beauty industry on YouTube and blogs were truly kicking off. I spent hours sat in my parents lounge at the computer my mum had bought me, watching tutorials from ‘how to do a fishtail braid’ to ‘the perfect smokey eye’ and this is exactly how I gained the passion that I have for all things beauty today. Along with having an unhealthy obsession with makeup, writing is a true passion of mine, anyone that know’s me personally will tell you the same. The two put together created my blog and the start to a whole new world for me.

    I really hope that each and every one of you reading this about me page will love reading my blog as much as I love working on it. Please remember that with every photograph, every word, every post – theres much more behind it than just a girl sat behind a laptop. The support I’ve had on my journey so far has been incredible; THANK YOU. I love you, and I love this space so much. Enjoy! x